Monday, March 15, 2004

Stars Over Nashville

Haven't seen much bloggage yet this morning about Episode 2 of Nashville Star, so I'll add my two cents worth. To prove how useless the Warren Brothers are as judges, their comment to Sheila Marshall about the "Alan Jackson" song was completely wrong. They said that at first they were wary of a woman singing an Alan Jackson song - "Who's Cheating Who?" - but that she did a good job with it. That just shows you how much they know. The Alan Jackson version of that song was a remake of a hit by Charley McClain - a woman - in the '80's.

I can't get over how far superior this show is to American Idol. The level of talent is much higher, along with a level of maturity missing from the Idol bunch. I think the judges made the right choice this week by dismissing Gregory DeLang. But I don't know why they are all so high on Jennifer Hicks - she just doesn't do anything for me. I'd like to predict right now that George Canyon will be the next Nashville Star. Even though part of me thinks the judges will choose a woman since a man won last year, I still think he is the strongest vocalist, as well as the one who has the best country personality so far. Even if he doesn't win, I think it will be an Idol-like situation from last year, with the last two finalists fairing equally as well a la Clay and Reuben.