Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Weekend Round-Up

Work has been so busy lately, I haven't had time to update. I took a vacation day on Friday. Both H. and I had doctor's appointments. H. weighed just over 24 lbs. and measured 33 inches tall at 18 months. The doctor said her vocabulary is that of a 2-year old, which is typical for girls. She didn't need any shots this visit, which was a blessing. I, on the other hand, had to get a tetanus shot from my doctor. She gave me a full physical and since I hadn't had a tetanus shot since 1990, she felt it was better just to get one. I liked this new doctor very much. She didn't launch into a diatribe about dieting and losing weight and exercising to control my blood pressure. She was very reasonable and felt we should take things one step at a time. Even just exercising without dieting (vs. control of salt intake, etc.) would help high blood pressure because exercise gets more oxygen flowing through the blood. To that end, I did finally decide to join Curves once I ran it past the doctor, so I'm officially a member.

After our doctor appointments, H. and I went to my parents' house to see my aunt, who was visiting from Philly. She hadn't seen H. since last May. Her grandkids are the ones who are close in age to H. - 4 days and 2 weeks apart. My cousin and his wife, who have Luke (the one that's 2 weeks younger than H.), are expecting another baby and are due in October again. A friend of mine from college is also expecting a baby in October, her first.

H. spent the night with my parents, so I was finally able to sleep in on a Saturday! M. and I hadn't spent the night away from her since May, so it was long overdue. I slept in, then cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and also cleaned H's room, which is hard to do when she's awake or asleep. My parents brought her back Saturday night and stayed for dinner and to watch the Maryland game (which they lost).

M. and I stuck with Nashville Star again this week. I was disappointed to see Stacy Michelle voted off by the viewers in the beginning - I thought she was the strongest of the females. I didn't think any of the other women performed that well Saturday night, as the judges repeatedly said. I was slightly surprised that the Irish guy Mal was eliminated at the end by the judges, not that he's all that great, but a lot of people seemed to want diversity. George Canyon still blows me away with the first few notes of any song he sings - how can he not win? And Brent Keith is growing on me. I thought he did a great job with the Rodney Crowell song he performed.

Sunday was quiet - it was sunny all day, but so windy and cold it was impossible to go outside. H. kept going to the living room and getting her coat, she wanted to go outside so bad. I finally gave in and we bundled up and went out for about 15 minutes, until our cheeks were red and our noses were running.