Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hannah Montana Fever

We were babysitter-less on Monday, and I was thinking about taking a day off anyway, so I took the girls to see the Hannah Montana tour bus, a promotion sponsored by Great Clips to promote the release of the Hannah Montana concert DVD and the "Camp Rock" movie.

It was actually less crowded than I thought it would be, but there was still a good turnout, considering how hot it was, baking in the blacktopped parking lot. The activities available were karaoke, "rock star" hair-dos by Great Clips, giveaways (trading cards, magnets, poster) and the main attraction, a chance to board Hannah Montana's tour bus.

Big H jumped right in and did the karaoke, which surprised me, because she can be shy sometimes. She sang very quietly, but she did it all by herself. Disney videotaped each song and gave it to you on a SD card, but unfortunately, ours didn't work when we got it home.

The wait to get on the tour bus was timed, so we went and got some lunch in the A/C before it was our turn. We were on the bus for all of three minutes, hardly worth the wait, but Big H thought it was cool to see an actual Hannah Montana guitar and wig and where she slept while on tour. It was worthwhile, since Big H enjoyed it - and it was free!