Saturday, April 13, 2013

Duct Tape Clipboard

We love duct tape crafts at our house! I've been searching for NFL Ravens duct tape for awhile - it was completely sold out right before and after the Super Bowl. I finally found a roll in Walmart, in a different section from where they usually keep the duct tape (I'll have to remember to continue to look there). I wanted the Ravens duct tape specifically because I had this project in mind: an old clipboard from my medical publishing days, now transformed. The black square in the center is one of the duct tape sheets, which were great to work with, even if they do leave behind a few bubbles. And the tip I read on Pinterest about using baby wipes on your scissors before cutting the duct tape was a godsend. (Excuse the flash in the second picture, but I needed it or else the purple looked very blue.)