Monday, September 21, 2009


Finally finished that last little bit of "Holiday Seasons" after picking up the WDW Fire last week. On to the framing...

Also, one of my goals for many years now has been to have Christmas stockings for everyone in my family, all four of us. I made one for each of my nieces, but have yet to finish any for my family. I have started and stopped at least three different stockings, all from Dimensions or Bucilla kits, and then realized how awful they were. They just weren't what I was looking for. Eventually, I found a few stocking charts from Bent Creek that I loved. I believe I started "Snowman Stocking" for daughter #1 (who is now 7, by the way) some time last year. I finished it over the weekend on 28 ct. tea-dyed Monaco fabric using DMC threads. I'm going to add black buttons on the snowman and two gold stars on either side of the name after I sew the stocking together.

The finishing-finishing will be the real challenge if I want her to be able to use it this year because my mom sewed the other two for me. She won't be able to right now, so I guess I'll give it a try. Next, I need to start "Snowman" again, in pink, for daughter #2. Then I have "Holiday Home" for me and "Christmas Eve" for my husband.