Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Of course, now they come out with this - Bindi Partyware. Where was it when I needed it back in September for Big H's birthday? I guess we were just ahead of our time.

Back in September, Big H had a Bindi-themed birthday party. We made our own invitations using graphics from the "Bindi the Jungle Girl" site on Discovery Kids. We went with a green theme for the plates, napkins, etc. and a general jungle animal theme for everything else. We had animal print balloons and all of the little girls received animal print tote bags with an animal print notepad, pen and stickers. Very cute, but I love those Bindi favor boxes. I might have to order a few, along with the stickers, for Big H.

Speaking of stickers, they would have come in handy on Halloween, when Big H dressed up as Bindi. I made stickers with my Xyron machine for her shirt, but those would have been perfect. Here's a pic of Big H on Halloween (the sticker is hidden under the snake but looks like it is embroidered on her shirt, just like Bindi's).

For the record, since I was MIA from updating in October, little H was a bumblebee.


Jozet at Halushki said...

Great photos!

At first when you wrote Bindi, I thought "Hmmmm...those decorative dots that Indian women wear on their foreheads? That's quite an esoteric party theme for a young girl."

Then I got it. I'm a doofus.