Wednesday, October 04, 2006


After only four hours of sleep Monday night, this was me trying to take a nap Tuesday after work from 5:30-6:15:
  • After riding her bike for about 5 minutes, Big H comes into the room and wakes me up. Great babysitting, Dad.
  • Our next door neighbors are mowing their lawn and they are completely inept about it. It is like this every time they mow. For some reason, they turn the mower on and off about every 10 minutes. And of course, our bedroom wall is the wall that faces their yard.
  • The phone rings and the machine picks it up.
  • Big H comes in and wakes me up again.
  • M. decides to start the race car. And then he asks me why I'm up and cooking dinner when he comes in the house a few minutes later.

So at 9pm, after we put Big H to bed, I'm ready to collapse. But this is the moment the farmer who owns the field behind us decides to cut down the soybean crop. Who starts culling a field at 9 o'clock at night when it's pitch dark out? So I turn on the air conditioner to drown out any other background noise and finally fell asleep at 9:30.