Friday, April 07, 2006

Defeated Again

Well, I managed to stay healthy for what, two and half weeks? I now have a killer cold. I was trying to fight it off all week with Zicam, but it caught up with me last night. I felt achy and stuffy last night and then I woke up at 4:30am with an unbelievable headache. I blame it on two things. One, a girl at work who came in last Wednesday with the flu - not just a cold, the fullblown flu- and probably contaminated all of us. And two, the priest at the funeral on Wednesday who was blowing and wiping his nose through the whole service. I knew I shouldn't have taken communion from him! I wouldn't be surprised if everyone who was at the funeral and took communion gets sick. And we all shook hands with him afterwards, too!

Now I'm just as guilty as the girl from work because I'm in the office today. I would have stayed home, but my boss is in today and he's been out of the office since last Thursday and he's out again next Monday through Wednesday. Plus, I have a newspaper deadline I need to meet today, so I really needed to be here. I need to go to the pharmacy at lunch today for more Zicam and special cold medicine for people with high blood pressure.


princess1128 said...

I feel sorry for you having to take "special medicine" for your cold. I hear from Matt's Dad and my Mom that it doesn't work that well. Curse that high blood pressure.