Friday, March 24, 2006

Celebrity Look-Alike?

My sisters and my mom keep telling me they think H. looks like the young actress, Sofia Vassilieva, who plays Eloise in the TV movies. (Now older, this is the same girl who plays the daughter Ariel on Medium.) I just don't see it - Sofia has brown eyes and H. has blue, and H's lips definitely aren't that full (although she does have full lips, and I don't know where she got those from!). What do you think?


Sofia, aka Eloise

And no, I did not stage this photo. When I saw that picture of Sofia on, it made me immediately think of a very similar picture that I took of H. at the end of last summer. It's just a coincidence that they're both wearing orange, posed under a tree with purple flowers.


LbryGrl said...

I was watching the Eloise movie a month or so ago and the girl playing Eloise DEFINITELY reminded me of Hayley. I don't think Sofia looks like Hayley NOW; however, when Sofia was younger - Yes. Look at this picture!ayimage.php?album=20&pos=33

LbryGrl said...

Did you know that Sofia also played Cindy Brady in The Brady Bunch in the White House(a 2002 movie I have never heard of)?

Real Live Woman said...

Maybe Hayley could go as Eloise for Halloween this year. It would be a pretty easy costume.

I never heard of that Brady Bunch movie either. Was it a made-for-TV movie? The photo links that you e-mailed me separately were pretty scary!