Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Conversation with H. at 6am this morning:

H: "Tonight, I want to watch that movie with the bad witch. Where she tries to take the pretty red shoes. The Wizard of Oz. " (The Wizard of Oz was on TBS several times this weekend and we watched some of it before bedtime on Saturday night. Also, H. was a witch for Halloween, so she's keenly aware of witches right now.)

Me: "I know we watched that movie the other night, but we don't have that DVD. I think K&K have it. Maybe we can borrow it the next time we're over there."

H: "Or we can get it at the movie store. Tonight."

Please keep in mind that she's only 3!

I'm surprised she even wanted to watch "The Wizard of Oz" at all, considering that since last Sunday the 6th, we have watched E.T. every day, sometimes parts of it twice a day, without fail. She's obsessed with E.T.! She finally relented and watched some of The Grinch movie (which led to the E.T. obsession in the first place, since she saw a preview for it on the Grinch tape) on Sunday, so it was pretty much a whole week of E.T.

Also since Sunday, I think her thoughts haven't been able to keep up with her vocabulary. Suddenly, she's been using the word "something" (or sumpin', as she says) an awful lot, I guess when she can't find the word she's looking for to express herself. I'm pretty sure she wasn't doing this at all on Saturday, but there was the word "something" a lot on Sunday and every day this week.