Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bad Karma

My bad day continued yesterday, even after the redeeming lunch. When we got home yesterday evening, I went to put some of the groceries in the downstairs fridge. I opened the door to the basement and heard a noise like the washing machine was running. It couldn't be running since we just got home. I went all the way down the steps to find that a pipe had broken in the laundry room where the water comes in from the well. The water was spraying upwards across half the laundry room. The whole basement should have been flooded, but by some miracle, I had left the lid on the washing machine up Sunday night and the washer was filled to the brim with water. That's atleast 15-20 gallons of water that should have been all over the floor! The five-gallon trash can full of dryer lint on the floor next to the washer was also full of water. It was truly bizarre how it was spraying almost directly into the washer. Otherwise, we would have had a huge mess on our hands. Mark shut the pump down and called his plumber friend, who arrived in 15 minutes and repaired the broken joint on the pipe.

This is the third plumbing incident we've had in less than a year, maybe even six months. Both of the pipes under the kitchen sink burst back in August, a pipe connected to the dishwasher was leaking down through the ceiling of the laundry room before that, and now this. I'm starting to wonder if we need all of our plumbing replaced before we have a major incident.

Oh, and I cut my thumb on a knife while washing the dishes last night, too.


bricotrout said...

that IS odd! im not exactly sure how those washing machines work, but thee may be an overflow hole toward the top so it doesnt overfill. you might have had alot more than just a washing machine full of water on the floor. and sorry about your thumb!