Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Holiday Weekend

Our holiday weekend was both busy and relaxing. I took Friday off for a 4-day weekend and waited for the new refrigerator and washing machine to be delivered. They were actually early! My delivery time was between 10:30 and 12:30 and they arrived just before 10. That was more work than I thought it would be, taking everything out of the old refrigerator and putting it back in the new one. However, taking all of the magnets, photos and magazine clippings off the old fridge and putting them back on was the most time consuming!

After that was finished, I commenced with shampooing the carpets, also more work than I thought it would be. The stairs needed the most attention and I had to use the manual hand tools to get them clean, so it took a long time. Then I also cleaned the rugs in our bedroom, the upstairs hallway and the living room. I ran out of steam (no pun intended) before I could do H's room, which really doesn't need it, and I knew I wasn't going to do the family room, which is too big. Next time, I'll hire someone to do this job.

The local Farmers/Amish Market has a cruise night on the last Friday of every month, so we went over there for a little while and looked around at all the cars before getting some dinner, especially since it was a nice evening to be outside. They had a pretty good turnout and M. might take one of his cars up there next month.

On Saturday, we went to Dutch Wonderland and had a fantastic time (I was tempted to say "wonder"ful). It wasn't too crowded, even though the parking lot looked packed when we pulled in. There was only one ride we really had to wait a while for - the Old Tyme Cars on the "Turnpike." H. loved all the rides and wasn't scared of any of them, even the roller coaster and some train-like ride that whipped you around the corners. She really wanted to get on the swings, but you had to be atleast 42 inches for that ride. The only thing she didn't like was the real, life-size Duke the Dragon. She was starting to drag around 2:30, right around nap time, so we headed out just as it started to rain. Good timing! And it was nice to go somewhere that was barely an hour away and still get home with most of the afternoon and the whole evening left. We might consider getting a season pass for next year.

M. went racing on Sunday, so H. and I had a quiet day to ourselves. We were outside for hours, playing on the swing set, using the sidewalk chalk and blowing bubbles. H. took a long nap while I finished and submitted all of my homework well before midnight. The only bad thing about the day was that we both had runny noses and by Sunday night, I was feeling a full-blown cold coming on.

On Monday, we went down to M's mom's for lunch so he could also help her open up the sunporch. I was also able to go to Circuit City while we were down there and buy my new digital camera. I'm very excited, even though I haven't used it yet. My brain has been too fuzzy from my cold to comprehend all the buttons and features, but I did charge the battery. Hopefully, that means more timely pictures posted here!

Then it was back to work on Tuesday, even though I didn't sleep very well Monday night, since I can't breath through my nose. Finally this afternoon, my head no longer felt like it was going to explode, but most of the cold has moved into my chest instead. I hope this cold doesn't last very long because I have too much going on to be out of commission.