Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Halloween and Such

Sunday was a terrific day all around. The weather was so beautiful, a perfect fall day. M., H. and I spent the morning outside, jumping in the leaves that M. blew into a big pile, then walking up and down our street collecting different colored leaves.

H. didn't want to come inside. I think I took almost a whole roll of pictures of her playing and she hadn't even put her costume on yet! We had carved our pumpkin the night before (while watching To Kill a Mockingbird), but H. didn't really know what to make of it. She stuck her hand in the pulp once and that was enough for her. After we finished and the pumpkin was lit, she kept trying to blow out the candle and make a wish. "It's not your birthday!" I tried to explain to her.

After H's nap and the Ravens' game, we drove over to my parents' neighborhood for trick-or-treating with K&K. Wendy and Shane came too, with Meghan, and we had a great time. H. as Raggedy Ann stood out among our three princesses - Big K was a fairy princess, Little K was Belle and Meghan was Cinderella. I thought H. would be more excited to walk around this year, since she didn't even know how to walk last year, but I guess she's still a little too young. After the first couple of houses, she wanted to be carried. But she did go up to everyone and hold out her bag, saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" some of the time. We were out for about an hour and that was plenty for everyone.

Pictures will follow eventually, as usual. The digital camera I've had my eye on has come down in price some and is tempting me., especially with 12 months free financing. I need to go to Circuit City this weekend to get some software for the computer before we get our cable modem installed next week (finally!), so we'll see if I'm able to resist it or not. It would certainly make updating this site easier and more timely!