Thursday, October 28, 2004

Atleast We Still Have Halloween

(I apologize in advance [and warn you] for a second throw-up related entry.)

Last night was H's last tumbling class of the eight-week session, so a Halloween party was planned. I picked H. up and the babysitter already had her in her Raggedy Ann costume. She looked so cute! So off we drove to tumbling and we were about halfway there when H. started to get really fussy and telling we she wanted to get out of her carseat. I thought she was just excited about the party, but about a minute later, without warning, BLAAA! She got sick in the car, all over her Halloween costume. We pulled off the road into a bank parking lot so I could check on her. Luckily, I had her regular clothes in her diaper bag, so I changed her out of her messy costume. Then I had to explain to her that we had to go home, we couldn't go to tumbling class and the party. She wasn't too upset - I think she wanted to go home, too. I took her temperature when we got there and no fever and she was fine for the rest of the evening. I think it was a combination of teething and a wet cough she's had for the last week or so. The combination of drool and phlegm (sorry to be so graphic, but that's kids) just upset her stomach by the end of the day yesterday. So I have no cute pictures from the Halloween party to share. You'll have to wait until after Sunday!