Tuesday, February 17, 2004


I realized it's been a little while since I've posted any new pictures of H. Since I just had a roll of film developed, now is the perfect time! She's changing so much every day. She's already lost a lot of her baby fat now that she's walking. And she never sits still - it's always go, go, go. She's learning a new word almost every day and has a vocabulary of about 20 words right now. Of course, mommy and dada (not daddy yet), hi and bye-bye, plus Pop-Pop. Mimi, Melmo for Elmo (her favorite!), bear, Pooh, peek-a-boo or sometimes just boo, Wiggles, ball, car, cup and ninny (what we call her pacifier - and believe me, that one comes through loud and clear). It amazes me how much she is absorbing right now. She follows directions really well (most of the time) and is developing her own personality.

In her snowsuit

Fresh from the bathtub just before bed