Friday, January 02, 2004

Year in Review

I tried to do my Year in Review on Wednesday, but Blogger wasn't cooperating, so I'm a couple of days late. I apologize in advance if this sounds like "Baby's First Year," but it was, and those achievements will always be memorable to me.

January 2003

I returned to work full-time after my 12-week maternity leave, just before turning 31. It was a big adjustment, one I'm not sure I've fully made yet, a year later. I had a wonderful birthday celebration surrounded by all my family and friends.

February 2003

The latest "Storm of the Century" gave us close to 18 inches of snow Presidents' Day Weekend and an extra day off from work. This was also the weekend H. chose to cut her first tooth. She also started drinking from a cup.

March 2003

Somewhat of a blur, coming out of the big meltdown after so much snow all winter long. Nothing too memorable seems to have happened. In like a lion...

April 2003

We hosted Easter dinner at our house, complete with an egg hunt in the slightly muddy backyard. My sister J. used to host this holiday, but she passed it on to me since they were getting new carpet installed and it rains every year on Easter. I think it will be the holiday we host from now on. It works for me since I do get Good Friday as a work holiday.

May 2003

M. and I went away for the weekend by ourselves for the first time, leaving H. with my mom and dad. We only called home three times to check on her, but we arrived at my parents' doorstep bright and early Sunday morning, we missed her so much. It was also Mother's Day, so I thought I should be with her as much as possible. H. also mastered the art of rolling over, a little bit later than average. Given her roly-poly shape, you would think it would be easier.

June 2003

Several big milestones. Thanks to inspiration from other journalers/bloggers - such as Amy, Eliza and Jen - I started this online journal. H. also started crawling - a major accomplishment. And the three of us took a day trip to Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site - very much the family outing.

July 2003

Cousin Bubble (otherwise known as Brooke, but the kids like this nickname better) came to stay with us for a week before leaving for Japan for a year at the end of August. She also served as babysitter while ours was on vacation. H. went swimming for the first time on the 4th and really enjoyed it.

August 2003

The good/bad girls-only trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Looking back on it, we did have a great time together, with or without all the little nuisances, like traffic.

September 2003

After celebrating H's 1st birthday, September turned into a very bad month - first Hurricane Isabel, then the fire, from which my sister and BIL are still recovering. Most of it is a blur of worrying about my sister and trying to be helpful is some way. We were thankful to see October.

October 2003

We went back to Luray, VA for the weekend, taking H. with us this time. I think M. and I did pretty good on our first family trip and we couldn't have asked for better fall weather. We definitely hope to go back to the cabin again in 2004.

November 2003

The 2nd of the month brought the biggest milestone of all (to date) - H. took her first official steps by herself. We had a lot to be thankful for at Thanksgiving and had an extremely enjoyable holiday.

December 2003

The month flew by in the usual flurry of holiday activity, not helped by two snowstorms early in the month. H. was a joy at Christmas and we're already looking forward to next year.

Wait, it is next year. B-day #32 is right around the corner and I'll have the whole year on record here. Happy New Year, readers! I'm looking forward to sharing 2004 with you.