Monday, January 19, 2004

Weekend Update

A very busy weekend this weekend. We had to go to the bank Friday night since I left M's paycheck sitting on the kitchen counter Friday morning and couldn't deposit it over lunch (why oh why won't his company do direct deposit?) and the bank now closes at 7pm instead of 8pm, so I felt very rushed to get up there after feeding H. her dinner. We then went and picked up pizza from a new place and it was absolutley delicious! (God Bless Aldo's!) Ever since we moved here (almost 5 years ago), we've struggled with finding a place with decent pizza. There are no chains (Domino's, Papa John's) close by and we've tried all of the local places with moderate success. And I can't exactly pinpoint what's not so great about these pizzas (too greasy, too much sauce, crust too thin), just that I don't want to eat them every Friday night (I don't cook on Friday nights). For awhile, we switched to getting subs instead of pizza, and eventually, I was buying DiGiorno frozen pizzas, which were better than the pizzas we were getting. So we discovered Aldo's and it's a little bit of a drive to pick it up, but well worth it!!

On Saturday, my friend S. came down and we went to visit some friends from college, one of whom is expecting a baby in a few weeks, so we met at her house. We left pretty early, around 10am, since it was a two-hour drive. We had a wonderful time catching up with everyone, since the last time we were all together was last February, and we all brought presents for the mom-to-be. M. babysat H. for the whole day, probably the longest amount of time he's ever watched her. I only called home once and everything was fine. She had just woken up from her nap and M. was going to take her to his mom's for a visit. As S. and I were driving home, it started snowing. It was coming down pretty good by the time we got back to my house and S. still had another 2+ hour drive ahead of her. She called home and it wasn't snowing there yet, and since the storm was moving west to east and she was headed east, she decided to tough it out and drive home. She called us around 10pm and she had just gotten home - it snowed the whole way, but she made it safe and sound.

We ended up with more snow than predicted, between three and four inches. My friend Na was supposed to come over for lunch on Sunday. I called her in the morning to see what she wanted to do and she said she would still come since it was just raining. I ran up to the grocery store and on the way back, the snow turned to sleet and finally snow - big fat snowflakes. Na arrived about a half hour later - she was closer to my house than to home so she just kept going. We had a nice lunch and she stayed for quite a few hours. H. napped most of the time she was there, so we had a good visit, just talking and relaxing. And she brought me my birthday present - some of the Christmas accessories I wanted from Yankee Candle.

A wonderful weekend with friends, food and presents!