Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year

Now for a proper New Year's post. Happy New Year everyone! M. and I spent New Year's Eve as we have for the past few years, even pre-baby - crabcake dinner and a movie and asleep before midnight. We watched Bruce Almighty, which had some funny parts, but wasn't exactly what I thought it would be from the trailer. I made it to 11pm, then fell asleep. Coincidentally, H. woke up at 12:04, so I got to officially wish M. a Happy New Year as I crawled back into bed after giving her back her pacifier.

Today was spent relaxing. We went to Toys R Us to return a couple of duplicate gifts and bought a more useful ear therometer instead. Toys R Us has a wonderful return policy - no receipt needed if you only want store credit. Not a problem for me!

We came home to watch Maryland stomp all over WVU in the Gator Bowl. My sister J. and BIL went to the game. They were going to drive halfway home after the game was over and should be home some time on Friday. Announcers on TV said Maryland fans were outnumbered by WVU fans 15 to 1, which is an interesting statistic.

Back to work tomorrow - what a messed-up week. I wish my company would have just given us off tomorrow as a bonus because of how the holiday fell during the week. It seems silly to go in for just one day. It feels more like a Sunday than a Thursday night.