Monday, January 02, 2006

To Do List

Things I Accomplished While I Had Off Work for 11 Days:

1. Baked two batches of cookies with H. on 12/23.
2. Obviously, celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, both of which were really great this year.
3. Made cookie cutter birdseed ornaments with H. to hang outside for the birds and the squirrels on Christmas morning (much messier than it looked on the Today show).
4. Completed a scrapbook of our honeymoon (from back in 1998) on 12/28.
5. Installed an external hard drive on the computer to back-up my photos and music.
6. Installed an internal CD/DVD-ROM drive on the computer since I could no longer burn data CDs on the existing CD-ROM drive. (This required taking the computer apart to install it internally and I was actually able to do this without any problems. I was quite proud of myself.)
7. Returned H's duplicate toy gifts to Walmart.
8. Made homemade spaghetti sauce and cooked dinner for 7 on 12/29 (when we didn't get to go to Dutch Wonderland to see the Christmas lights because of all-day pouring rain).
9. Installed and loaded music on my new, free iPod Shuffle.
10. Made strawberry margaritas on New Year's Eve (after getting carded at the liquor store - ha, ha!).
11. Watched the 40th anniversary edition of The Sound of Music (the color was spectacular - I wish I had a big TV to watch it on) and the DVD of The Dukes of Hazzard movie (really, really terrible).
12. Returned ill-fitting Christmas gift clothes to Kohl's and bought new ones to replace them.
13. Hosted two play dates for H.
14. Uploaded 100+ pictures from the month of December to have prints made.
15. Watched Days of Our Lives every day but Wednesday the 28th (and had to call my sister several times to ask clarifying questions).

And honestly, I felt like I didn't do a whole lot but watch TV and lay around on the couch, playing the Disney Memory card game with H. But I guess we managed to squeeze in a few fun activities. Now it's back to work and school and the regular routine.