Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pac Man Fever

Well, this makes me feel very old. I fondly remember Nadine in elementary school, reselling Pac Man scratch-off trading cards for 25 cents each. What an entrepreneur!

I hope to be back to the journal in full force after tonight. I took the final for my Amer. Lit. class on Saturday and my paper is due tonight by midnight (and yes, I'm still working on it). Hopefully, things will return to normal after that. I'm already thinking about what to read now that I will have some spare time again, plus I want to assemble all the scrapbook pages I pre-cropped a couple of weeks ago. I miss my hobbies!


LbryGrl said...

Hey, I love Pac Man and always will! Ya think those cards are worth anything now?$? I might still have some. (c:=

Real Live Woman said...

You could take those cards to the Pop Nation roadshow!

LbryGrl said...

...if I knew where they were! :-(