Sunday, February 13, 2005

Disney on Ice

3 Tickets $75. Ariel light-up wand $16. Soda and popcorn $9.75. Parking $7. The look on H's face as she watched the show - priceless.

The ice show was stressful, but fun. Traffic going into Baltimore Saturday afternoon was horrendous and we were 15 minutes late for the show. But once we got settled in, it was very enjoyable, other than H. going to the potty 3 times. I can't even get her to go 3 times in a row at home! And I definitely don't think we're ready for Disney World yet. I could barely handle a two-hour ice show at this point. I can't even imagine a week in Orlando!

We had planned to go to the Outback for dinner afterwards, since we had gift certificates to use, but when I called ahead after we left the show, the wait was two and a half hours (at 6pm), so it was subs for dinner instead. It was probably for the best, we were all so exhausted. I took a "nap" at 9pm, only to wake up at 10pm.

What a great TV weekend. I love "31 Days of Oscar" on TCM. Tootsie Friday night, To Kill a Mockingbird Saturday afternoon and Superman Saturday night (all commercial-free), plus Maryland v. Duke, with ESPN's College Game Day live from College Park. At 10:30 last night, we were switching between the basketball game, the Bud Shootout and the first NHRA drag race of the season.