Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hayley's Animal Sounds

Dog - woof, woof
Cat - meee-ooow!
Cow - moo, moo
Snake - sssssssss
Monkey - ooo ooo, aaa aaa
Elephant - she makes a sort-of honking sound, but waves her arm around like a trunk, so you know it's an elephant
Duck - quack, quack
Chicken - bawk, bawk (She sounds just like the Cadbury bunny)
Frog - ribbit
Skunk - P.U. (and she holds her nose)
Lion - Rrrrrrr! (which also sounds the same as Tiger, Bear and Monster)

And my favorite...

Horse - Yee Haw! (I taught her to say this while riding her rocking horse, and now all horses are identified as Yee Haw! She also clucks her tongue so it sounds like the clopping of horse hooves.)

In addition to her repertoire of animal sounds, she can also identify many others - bat, squirrel, fish, turtle, bird, rabbit and more - thanks to this very cool Noah's Ark book from Aunt Na.