Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Who Do I Call?

TV shows I would like to see available on DVD:
Any Day Now (Lifetime) - one of the best shows to ever air on TV. Realistic and not afraid to address touchy subjects - race, teenage pregnancy, etc.
State of Grace (ABC Family Channel) - heartwarming and fun, but given the boot by Disney anyway.
Homefront (originally on ABC, I believe) - great cast and wonderful continuing storylines for this period show.
American Dreams (get on the ball, NBC) - I usually cry every week during this show, sometimes just when I hear the theme song.
Relativity (also aired on ABC) - one of the most romantic shows ever. It took me a while to realize Michael on "Miss Match" was the hunky "Leo" from this show.
Higher Ground - post-Dr. Quinn Joe Lando guilty pleasure series (aired on Fox/ABC Family Channel or USA, can't remember)
Wings - one of my all-time favorite comedies that I can't seem to find in reruns very often after it was on USA Network all the time.

Coincidentally, all of these shows, except for American Dreams and Wings, were critically acclaimed and had a strong fan base, but were canceled way too soon. I would love to watch them over and over again on DVD.

Edited to add "Life Goes On" so I'll remember to check for it periodically.