Wednesday, February 25, 2004

"And yeah, my heart's not in trouble anymore..."

I finally went to Curves Monday night with my sister-in-law. I loved it! It was everything everyone said it would be. The exercises were challenging, but not overly so. I was never so out of breath that I was huffing and puffing, but my heart rate was up. I actually enjoyed myself. I'm going to go back as a guest again Friday night, then I have three free passes from a promotion at the grocery store to use, then I'll decide if I want to join permanently. You don't have to sign up and pay for a whole year - they also offer a month-to-month option.

I guess this happened at the right time because I went to the doctor yesterday evening and my blood pressure was still high (actually a little bit higher than it was in November), so my ob/gyn wants me to stop taking the pill after I finish the current pack. I'm devastated! She's hoping that stopping the pill will correct the problem immediately, then I could try the Depo shot. But I still need to see my primary care physician and that appointment isn't until March 20. I'm going to try and see her before I finish this pack of pills. I know I need to lose weight, and that will help some, but I'm also cursed by genetics. My dad started taking blood pressure medication when he was about my age, early thirties, and my mom started taking it around the time she turned 50. I cut back on my salt intake while I was pregnant and have stuck with it - not buying a lot of pre-packaged, salty foods like those dinners-in-a-box - and I stayed off the caffeine, too. I guess we'll wait and see what happens over the next few months.