Friday, January 16, 2004


It may sound corny, but I'm getting very sad about the end of Friends. Last night's episode was very much the beginning of the end, with Monica and Chandler planning to move away. I can remember the final farewells of many shows that I loved - Cheers, Family Ties, Mad About You, etc., but this one seems much more personal, I guess because Friends came on the year I graduated from college and was about ME - working in "the real world," dating and being on my own. At the same time, we all found jobs, got married and had babies. Rachel and I were pregnant at the same time! Then I stayed up to watch the Prime Time interview with Jennifer Aniston and that made me even more sad. She is so charming (and beautiful, needless to say) and had such wonderful things to say about the rest of the cast. I really will miss my pretend "Friends."