Monday, September 01, 2003

Baby Front

This past week has been amazing on the baby front. Hayley is at the age where she is doing something new every day. She finally starting pulling up on things that are above her head and I must say she's pretty steady on her feet. She can also climb the stairs. The first time, it was just the bottom two steps. As of Saturday, she can do a whole flight. Completely supervised, of course! Because of this, we've had to go a step further with the babyproofing and block off all exits, plus move breakable items up another level out of her reach. She's into everything!

Also, over the weekend, we made the big switch to milk only - no more formula! She won't be one for a couple of more weeks, but I wanted to do this while I had four whole days in a row at home (I'm off Tuesday, too.). It's been going pretty smoothly, except she's also teething, and I'm never quite sure if she's just being fussy or if she's hungry from the switch. A work in progress.

Last Saturday, Mark's mom bought her a cute little ride-on toy - a fire engine - that she absolutely loves! At first, she could only go backwards, but by the end of the day, she was flying all over the house on it. Here's an actual photo from our digital camera - the one built into our camcorder. I think the color on the batch of photos this time around is a little funky, but atleast you won't have to wait a month to see her newest feat.

I was hoping to do some more catching up, but there's a thunderstorm moving in and I can hear thunder now, so I better log off and shut down. More soon!