Friday, August 01, 2003

Party all the time
The planning for the big 1st Birthday has officially begun! I'm so excited to have a new project to work on between now and Sept. 13 - that's the day of the party, although Hayley won't actually be 1 until the 17th. The theme is "Raggedy Ann and Andy" - of course, but I was sort of undecided about it at first. I didn't want everyone to be sick to death of RA&A (it was the theme of one of my baby showers and the theme for Hayley's nursery), but I figured next year she'll be able to talk and tell me what she wants for her party, so I better get "my" party in now. Plus, I have the Raggedy Ann cake pan, so I might as well get one more use out of it.

I found great invitations at the Dollar Store that I call "Abstract Raggedy Ann."

When I first saw them, I thought "Raggedy Ann." Then a second later, I also thought, "Wicked Witch of the East legs curling under the house in The Wizard of Oz." A couple of other people thought the same thing, but hopefully, everyone will know better and go with Raggedy Ann. Plus, I'm going to stamp the outside of the envelope, so that should lead people to be in a "Raggedy Ann" frame of mind when they get to the front of the invitation.

I hope to mail them out some time this weekend or first thing Monday. Then I get to plan the decorations, put together favors and other such fun stuff! Good times!