Monday, August 18, 2003

Big Brother is Watching
I love using bSTATS to see how people find this site. It's so interesting! Just by dropping one celebrity name, I can get a bunch of hits to my site. How many of you are actually hanging around and returning to read about my fascinating life is another question, but I hope you find my commentary about whoever or whatever you're searching for to be interesting, atleast. Brad Paisley has been my number one search term so far (so I'll mention him again!).

Some hits are a little strange. I came up as #5 on AOL for a search on "how to draw a girl laying down." Some combination of those words appeared in an entry about Hayley. I probably wasn't very helpful for the person doing that search!

Also, when I named this site "Real Live Woman," I was afraid I would get bombarded by people looking for porn, but thankfully, that's been kept to a minimum so far. It's the name of a Trisha Yearwood song, people! Please keep that in mind and read the banner at the top of the page.

The power of Google is amazing!