Monday, July 07, 2003

Hayley went swimming for the first time on the Fourth and it was a great experience. I had bought her a Floaties swim seat and she was all decked out in her new glittery bathing suit, plus lots of sunscreen, her hat and sunglasses. We stood on the steps of the pool to get used to the water first and I splashed her arms and legs, then it was into the seat. She loved it! She started kicking her legs right away. No crying or fussing at all. Then, she actually stuck her face in the water and started blowing bubbles. She's a natural! And I was really impressed at how well the Huggies swim diapers work - much better than a regular diaper!

Of course, I took lots of cute pictures, but with the "regular" camera. Now that I have this website, I'll have to start using the digital camera more so I can post photos in a timely manner. I'll have to edit this post with the appropriate photo once I get the roll developed. (edited 8/2/03 to add pictures)

Also, my mom continued the tradition she started with my two sisters and me with my nieces and Hayley - matching 4th of July outfits. Even though it was late in the day and Hayley was worn out from swimming, she cooperated for a picture with my nieces Kaitlyn and Kara.