Wednesday, June 18, 2003

TV Woes
My Monday night TV-viewing plan for the summer was to watch Everwood instead of Raymond reruns. Two weeks ago, the WB re-aired the pilot and I thought it was excellent - a little quirky with a good blend of humor and drama (thanks to Eliza for the recommendation!). Then it wasn't on the following week because of special programming (back-to-back episodes of 7th Heaven), so I was really looking forward to it this past Monday. Well, my summer-long plan was ruined as the WB decided not to air the reruns in order, but instead to skip ahead 5 months. It took me a few minutes to figure everything out and I was quite disappointed. So I spent the time perusing the new books I received in the mail from instead.

Obviously, the first two episodes of Real World: Paris were not very memorable for me, as I forgot it was on last night and turned on Dateline instead. At 10:20pm, Mark said, "We're missing Real World," and we caught the last few minutes, but it was pretty much meaningless. If I care to, I guess I'll try to catch one of the 15 repeats before next Tuesday.

NOTE: I did upgrade my blogger membership, but alas, the firewall situation at work will not let me upload files, so I'll have to squeeze in some time at home to post some pictures of Hayley, so bear with me.