Friday, June 13, 2003

On Reading
I have been on a reading frenzy lately. I go in spurts, but right now I'm averaging close to 2 books a week (and with an 8-month old, too!). Some thoughts on a few titles I've just finished - keeping in my that I'm woefully behind in my reading in some subject areas:

Four Blondes by Candace Bushnell (author of Sex and the City) - Was really looking forward to reading this book, but I did not like it at all. The four female main characters were uninteresting, one-dimensional and unlikeable. I felt no connection with the characters and didn't care about what happened to them. (As I went to Amazon to get the link for this book, I saw that it has an average customer rating of only 2 stars, so I'm not the only one.)

The Devil Riding by Valerie Wilson Wesley - This book is the sixth in a series featuring P.I. Tamara Hayle, but the first one I've read. I'm usually incredibly anal about reading series books in order, but I had finished my library books and this one was on my shelf at home and sounded interesting. Overall, it was a light, fast read (a little short for a hard cover). I do feel that I was missing something by not having read the other books in the series - some of the character development that I would have had in my mind as background. Again, why I prefer to read series books in order. But Tamara is a spunky female heroine and I would definitely go back and try the other books in the series.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reasonby Helen Fielding - I said I was behind! I loved this book as much as I loved the first one. I actually laughed out loud several times while reading. Mark and I were in bed, watching TV and reading, and he kept asking me what was so funny. I could completely identify with Bridget, such as getting stuck sitting next to "overly-friendly-gassy-man" on the airplane while Shaz was seated next to the Harrison Ford look-alike. And I think Bridget's spirit is rubbing off on me. Last night I had a dream that Hugh Jackman proposed to me (yes, I know he's from Australia, not England, but you get my point).

Right now, I'm reading In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner, author of the hilarious Good in Bed and one of my favorite new authors and bloggers.